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Based on +302 reviews

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Our Mission

We have solved the problem of often losing the handle in the sea! Flipper is always ready to use, you no longer have to look for the handle and place it on the winch.

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Release and wrap the sheet without removing the handle from the winch


Stop losing it in the sea


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Sailing Uma loves it!

"After loosing 2 winch handles overboard, we were looking for an upgrade. There had to be something better out there than the status quo.

We've now had these easysea handles onboard Uma for over 2 years now. Love them! They've stayed in our winches the entire time.

No more taking a handle in and out, catching a line on it, loosing it, sliding around the cockpit. These easysea handles are super easy to use.

They've held up well and are made to withstand the harsh ocean environment. Looking forward to years of hard use to come.
Dan + Kika."

and also...

Sailing Zephyr


+3000 miles

Beau and Brandy Sailing


+4.000 miles

Marianna de Micheli


+1000 miles

Erik Aanderaa


+6.000 miles

Elisabetta Maffei


+4.000 miles

Marta Magnano


+2.000 miles

Maurizio Lamorgese


+ 5.000 miles

More than just an handle

Other Handles VS Flipper™

Other Handles
Bulky and needs to be detached when not in use
9,8 inches maximum leverage
You have to detach the handle to release the sheet
Makes precision maneuvres difficult
It gets Damaged after few time
Remains closed on the winch when not needed, already in position when needed
11,8 inches maximum lever
The sheet can be easily released without removing the handle
Effortless precision maneuvers thanks to its extension
Flipper™ doesn't get damaged

See the potential of Flipper™

The 4 configurations

Flipper closes on the winch and allows you to furl or let the sheet go smoothly.
Many of our customers use it in this way for quick maneuvres
In this position you use the standard-sized lever.
Extended - 30cm
Use 30cm of leverage that no other handle in the world has carry out precision maneuvres without fatigue.

How it's made

Universal star attachment to fit any winch

Made in CNC milled 6082 anticorodal aluminum.
This ensures that there can be no air bubbles inside, so it will be stronger, avoiding any damage.

Ergonomic knob in abs

Flipper™ it's always ready-to-use.The ergonomic design of know allows you to do quietly also all difficult maneuvers.

Strong alluminium structure 100% made in italy

Flipper™ is made of a strong structure. All joints are made of stainless steel 316L to withstand stress. The 6082 aluminum guarantess the security of lock.

What our client say about us

4.8/5 (242)

First sail on our little 24 foot yacht, Swan River, western Australia. The Flipper folding winch handle is brilliant; solid, secure and out of the way.

Alison M.

Very intelligent product you take it off only when you leave the boat in port and put it in the cabin so as not to be stolen.

Erik P.

I can’t wait to put them in my cockpit! I plan on buying 2 more.

Ricky t.

I heard about it so much from my sailing friends that I decided to buy it and I have to admit it's a good product

Patrick B.

I purchased 2 winch handles. It is awesome for the single hand sailor in a small boat!

Jun W.

Love the flippers, we own 2 and are intending to purchase 2 more for our second boat.  The ease of operation makes sense for any sailor, the device is compact, strong.and fantastic to grip.

Chalaine A.

I first saw on sailing Uma and was intrigued so I searched and found I figured I would order one and see how I liked it. I love it but they sold out so fast by the time I went to order another one all gone so keep me posted ill be ordering another thanks

Glen K.

just recived our easysea flipper reclosable winch handles, from Italy! Can't wait to get these beauties on-board Keani.

Ken B.

Flipper™ - the only foldable winch handle


(+302 reviews)

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+3000 sailors love it
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